Just about everywhere you look, there are advertisements that promise long, healthy hair FAST! We are told that if you do X, Y, and Z, you can grow your hair FASTER! And we get all excited because we expect to see exponential growth! But the truth is… WAIT. FOR. IT…The growth rate of your hair is predetermined by your genetics!!!

The average growth rate for hair is said to be 6 inches in a year (Thanks, Google!); let’s assume that this is your predetermined growth rate; in a year you could expect your hair to grow a maximum of 6 inches, but that is if your hair follicles are operating at their full potential.

Healthy hair begins with healthy follicles! The hair that you see coming out from your scalp is dead, which is why it doesn’t hurt when we cut or apply chemical processes to the hair itself, but the portion of our hair that is inside the follicle located underneath the scalp is very much alive and requires the most TLC. Damage to your hair follicles can cause hair growth stagnation, excess shedding/thinning and hair loss.

To ensure that our hair grows at it’s full potential, we must start within! What we put into our bodies plays a major role in how well it will function. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Eat a well balanced diet…  Nutrients received from your diet are distributed to your vital organs first and what is left gets distributed to your hair/nails last. An unhealthy diet, that is lacking proper nutrients to begin with, will not adequately nourish the hair follicles thus compromising the overall health of your hair.
  2. Drink plenty of water… Adequate hydration is essential for blood circulation and aids in providing nutrients to your hair follicles. We can do an amazing job at moisturizing our hair from the outside, but we must also moisturize from the inside. The recommended daily requirement is 64 ounces or 8- 8 ounce glasses of water.
  3. Exercise… Exercising increases blood flow throughout your body including your scalp. In addition, exercise reduces stress levels by releasing mood uplifting hormones (endorphins/serotonin). Stress contributes to hair loss and stunts hair growth.
  4. Dietary supplements/multivitamins… Incorporating dietary supplements will assist in replenishing deficiencies missing from your diet.
  5. Scalp massages… I know that this isn’t an internal intervention, BUT scalp massages are awesome for promoting blood circulation to your hair follicles.

What tips do you have to promote optimal hair growth?

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I’ve noticed less manipulation results in less breakage. So protective style promotes optimal growth for me! I’ll use your tips too. Let the hair follicles sprout, finger crossed lol!


That’s awesome, Ruby!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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