Happy New Year!!!

I hope 2017 was filled with blessings and joy for each of you!!! I’m not sure about you, but I’m looking forward to what 2018 has to offer… 2017 was a great year for me and my family; I married the love of my life (check out our wedding pics here) and we purchased our first home. I’ve been blessed beyond measure and I honestly have no complaints, however, there are a five things I’m leaving behind in 2017!

Somebody help me!!! I am the procrastination queen. Nothing good comes from procrastination, it is the mother of self-sabotage and it limits my ability to be great. I MUST get a handle on it NOW!!!

The offspring of procrastination. I experience anxiety because I procrastinate, it’s just that simple!!!

Lack of time management
There is definitely a pattern here!!! I need to discipline myself to get up and get moving, I enjoy hitting that snooze button or just lying in bed on social media when I should be getting up and getting things done.

Saying “Yes”
I have to learn to say “no”…  I will overbook my life in a heartbeat, then panic frantically when I can’t keep up with the commitments I agree to.

In all shapes and forms, I have to remove the negativity from my life, especially negative people!

Let’s embrace the new beginnings of the year, set new goals and be the best version of ourselves!!! What are you leaving behind in 2017?

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