Hello, Beauties and Welcome to Bella Roshé (pronounced roe-shā)!!!

My name is Tamara and I’m a shopaholic (Seriously… I am)! I live in Little Rock, AR (born and raised).  I love all things fashion, beauty, natural hair and so much more. I had the absolute pleasure of shopping for my own clothes at the age of 3. My mom got tired of me throwing tantrums because I didn’t like what she would pick for me to wear, so to keep from losing her sanity, she allowed me to choose my own clothing (with her approval of course) and I’ve been ruined ever since, lol! I tell her all the time that it’s her fault I love shopping so much! I have a full-time Nursing career and although half of my time is spent in comfy scrubs and tennis shoes, I’m still a lover of fashion and stilettos.

I’m a natural hair enthusiast. I made the decision to return natural in 1999 after having a relaxer for 4 years. I absolutely have no regrets and over the years I’ve learned to embrace my curls and various textures (we will talk more about this). I discovered my love for makeup when I became a Mary Kay Consultant (my MK business is no longer active). I’m continuously searching for new products and learning new makeup application techniques (Thank you Pinterest!).  I am also the primary caregiver for my dad, he suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and it is very difficult for me to have a social life. I often miss opportunities to hang out with my friends.  I decided to blog as a creative outlet to express and display all of the things I love most (Can you guess what they are?).

I can’t lie, I was VERY apprehensive and had my reservations about starting a blog for a while, but I decided that 2016 would be the year that I stop living in fear of the unknown.  I’m stepping out on faith and following my dream!  And I’m so ecstatic I took the courage to just do it! I hope you all find inspiration during this journey together.

Thank you for stopping by, please feel free to share your thoughts!





Just trying to catch up with what everyone has been up to the past year since like you I have been so busy working a full time job and launching something new and exciting. I am so proud of you.

Shauna S.


Awww, Thank you dear!!! It’s been tough, but I enjoy the change of scenery, lol!

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